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HI, I'm Janna. I'm a bi cis (you can call me she or her) single mom just trying to find a little happiness in life. I initially came to tumblr for the fandoms but now I enjoy so much more. I've never had my eyes opened so wide and been so happy about it. I like to write and read. This a post whatever looks good to me blog. I enjoy asks and messages and being tagged on fun things you think I'd like.




yeah i burn a lot of calories scrolling through my dashboard 

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On Tuesday April 8 Lupita Nyong’o attends a party at Soho House to celebrate Marie Claire’s May 2014 cover stars in a flowery Giambattista Valli Fall 2013 Couture dress.

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“Women are more likely to be attracted to personality and men are more likely to be attracted to physical appearance.”

Woah maybe that’s because we teach women to see men as people and we teach men to see women as objects.

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me: i just feel like kristen stewart is actually talented but she signed on to the twilight franchise too early in her career and now she’ll never be taken seriously as an actress

doctor: okay, but i meant do you have any other medical concerns.

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Hard Candy - Ellen Page


Hard Candy - Ellen Page

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Damn, this girl was prepared.

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Bruce Wayne watched both of his parents die.

Tony Stark has heart problems and anxiety.

Peter Parker saw his uncle being murdered.

Steve Rogers lost his best friend.

Bruce Banner attempted suicide.

If they can save the world, you can get through this day.

Never stop fighting.

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like some kinda shitty humanstuck yearbook

in case anyone wanted the full set

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(breaks into your house) can i pet your dogs


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